basic sugar cookie dough recipe
+ cinnamon
+ brown sugar
+ pecan maple syrup
+ magic!

6 dozen cookies = 12 half dozen packages
—> give half to bf
—> throw the rest into trading pit
watch em disappear


so doug is moving (or by now has already moved) to shanghai, so to say goodbye we played a horrific tennis match and had a true korean style dinner: bulgogi + banchan + soju! [plating by the incomparable derek – not deryk, derrick or darock]

there is something so incredible about good quality ingredients in a simple dish. to celebrate summer, we have simply boiled beets. beautifully deep red color, fresh taste and a little crisp left from not over-boiling

and i also had a taste for hummus so for the first time ever: home-made hummus on mini-pita
[contents: garbonzo beans, home-made garlic butter, home-made rosemary olive oil, sea salt, sesame oil]

there are few things as exciting [for a cook] as fresh fresh ingredients…

veggies[simply bell peppers, italian flat leaf parsley, organic celery hearts]

…except, perhaps, food so fab its devoured before you can take a photo

stuffed shells

[shells stuffed with parmesan, ricotta & mozzarella pre-sauce & pre-oven]

SSPX0114SSPX0115 SSPX0116

itty bitty titanium white flowers on a half dozen layers of bistre woodgrain over myrtle and british racing green.

so what do i do? make individual key lime pies of course!

i have a dozen (you cant make just one) so someone please come & eat!

they say ‘do what you know’ but feeling stale in cooking the same japanese & korean food ive opted to do the exact opposite and dabble in more mundane fare and transform it into something a bit more fun

from LtoR
[1] salape: conte di savoi salami on sesame melba and flat leaf parsley with whipped cream cheese and sweet cherry tomato
[2.3] mini caesar: chicken caesar salad on toasted garlic brioche topped with parmesan and tomato
[4.5] mini torellini: three cheese tortellini topped with stewed plum tomatoes in a sweet basil red sauce with grilled chicken

and now for some fun with texture! my first real go at painting with acrylics 🙂

with no outlet for my creative energy, i have begun experimentation with acrylics and have concurrently started to dream about food [cooking it in particular, and not really eating it] this blog was created in the hopes of sharing the images in my head that i am now transferring into acrylic and edible creations. so long as my i keep my wits about me, these two mediums will remain separate.

so, shall we begin?

i have yet to take pictures of my first foray into acrylic paints so with very little to-do, my latest creations…. or at least the first layer of what will be a fabulously inoffensive plaid pattern